A Walk Through Deb's Life

By debsthoughts


This little guy is wound up like a top most of the time. But I caught him being contemplative, at least for a split second. Grandchildren are such a blessing - it's a cliche, but there is deep meaning in the words. Impossible to explain until one has the experience.

Tonight my daughter and I talked about how that first birth experience doesn't compare to any after. She mentioned guilt. That Olivia came so fast it's almost like her body, mind, and emotions took awhile to catch up - "Wow! That was fast! Oh yea, where's the baby?" It reminded me of my own two experiences with childbirth and I completely agreed with her. There's only one moment when you experience parenthood for the first time. Each time after it's different. It can't be duplicated and there should be no guilt about it. There are plenty of things to feel guilty about later, like taking less pictures, having less time to cuddle, being more tired and irritable. That's probably why I stopped after two. But I don't feel guilty about it.

Solitude. My daughter will understand one day - when she's a grandmother.

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