The Pawnbrokers

Dog Friendly

Once again back late after a very hectic day but despite the long hours I'm feeling almost back to my normal self. I was hoping to find those doors slid open again today but no joy. I'm determined now to secure that "F" for myself.

I think I know why it bugged me that it had gone. At the end of the day, most of which are frustrating at the moment, it would prompt to be offer an expletive to the Gods. Those who know me will understand that I'm not one for swearing. Possibly down to my upbringing (thank you mum!), swear words don't roll easily off my tongue. They are offered up only under extreme circumstances - which is how it should be. I can't help but feel swear words have lost their impact amongst the modern generation. If you use bad language as a habit of speech then where do you find that verbal release when you really need it? Anyway, walking past that "F" of an evening often prompted me to expel the day's difficulties in an internally screamed profanity which invariably made me feel better. It's not the same now it's gone. I feel like I want to screw it to my front door as a prompt to ensure that I leave all my stress behind and enter the house in a peaceful frame of mind.

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