the future of design

the young - and not so young - designers and fashionistas came to the Brooklyn Museum in droves to see Tim Gunn & Valerie Steele in conversation.

Tim Gunn was irreverent & charming & hilarious - a delight to see him in person after all these years of appreciating Project Runway.

This young woman created this art headpiece on a 3D copier -- the future of design...?

For more about her work check out Design Alchemist

Here's a little bit more: The Cocktail Parasol Hat (3-D Printed) is inspired by Karakasa Obake (唐傘お化け), a type of Tsukumogami, a folk legend about a form of Japanese spirit that originate from objects reaching their 100th year of existence, thus becoming animate. Karakasa in particular are Spirits of Parasols that reach the century milestone. This design garnered an award from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute and was commended as an achievement by the curator-in-charge Harold Koda for its creativity and originality.

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