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By arkensielphoto

Still Life

Today’s challenge is still life and I was going to blip my lunch, gluten-free crumpets with raspberry and lavender preserve, with butter of course. I took some pictures, but did not check whether they were suitable before I ate them. They were not, so instead you have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic with two gluten-free cherry bakewells. This is the tiny teddy, which declares that I am a coeliac and which sits on my desk with a Gromit (of Wallace and Gromit fame) that sits on the end of a pencil, also on my desk; this is my still life.

This is the last day of DDW’s January challenge and I have done all of them except one; I have enjoyed doing this challenge and I shall look out for more, but in the meantime, many thanks DDW for arranging this.

My daughter works from home on Fridays, but has to do the company banking, so we go and have our nails done at the same time. Between the bank and the nails, we have breakfast in The Courtyard; she has the company mobile with her so that she can answer any calls which come in. The Courtyard toast my gluten-free bread for me and they also do a gluten-free lemon cake, which I have not yet tried.

Today once again it is cold and wet.

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