Flooded Orchard

I had decided that I would blip the ‘pond’ today now that the January challenge is complete to show a comparison with the picture I took two years ago on this day. Some while ago I did a series of these pictures, on the first of each month for a year; I may do this again and tag them with the same code so that I can make comparisons more easily. I took my pictures first today, but the GOG also took pictures of the pond. We liaised with each other and I have pinched one of his pictures; it was better than mine. After all he was using his Nikon D3 and a wider angle lens than mine so it is to be expected.

Although this was taken from a slightly different place, further down the orchard and more to the left, to the one taken two years ago it does show a considerable difference; the GOG took this with his feet in three inches of water! The 'shed' on the left-hand side, is actually the chicken house; currently there are no chickens in residence. It is a long time since this part of the orchard has been as flooded as it is today. This picture was taken two years ago from almost the same angle as the picture the GOG has posted today.

The sun has been shinning although it has clouded over once or twice, but the sun came out again, however, it is still extremely windy.

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