LARGE to experience the weather!

LPH regulars will know the meaning of the title! Like so much of the country we had a little rain today! and although it started dry(ish) we knew it was only a matter of time. We headed to Derwentwater under the shelter of Manesty woods and gave it our best shot. The wonderful thing was that the sleet - when it came, washed out so much detail it left us with the most gorgeous pastel, simple images, and the whole group produced photos of a really great standard. Admittedly by lunchtime we were soaked and frozen, so returned home (after tea at Nichol End marina) for an afternoon's PhotoShop.

Thank you again for your wonderful and touching comments on my efforts yesterday - you pushed me all the way to the top of spotlight for the second consecutive day - the first time that's ever happened to me! One of the things that I love about the Lakes is the contrasting weather conditions - compare yesterdays strong lighting to today's minimalist result! Despite the rain I used a light grad filter on the sky (as it was brighter than the water) and a 10-shot multi-exposure to smooth out the few ripples in the water and accentuate the reflection of the grasses. Others can be seen here.

EDIT: Due to the weather, and family illness for one of the organisers, the Blipmeep at Chesterton mill has been CANCELLED! If you were going, please be aware of this!

I think Draco and Graham are planning rescheduling it in a few weeks time.

So today I need to get my exhibition sorted that starts in Penrith tomorrow!

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