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By walkingMarj

Aubretia in Humshaugh

What a difference a day makes. After all the grey, windy and damp weather, I woke to clear skies. Soon the sun was out and I had to go for a walk. I managed 1.5miles and was very tired, but that's progress. It was colder than yesterday, with ice in the waterlogged fields, but felt warmer and fresh.

As I walked through the village, two robins were singing their hearts out in gardens on opposite sides of the road. Many of the south facing walls sport aubretia, which is lovely to see in the summer. Here it is, partially in bloom on February 1st!!

I was playing with shallow depth of field. I rather like the out of focus flowers!

Rest this afternoon, then I will put in an appearance at Tony's 65th birthday party. I can't possibly miss it, even if I don't last the whole night.

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