Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

Collaborative teaching -- and some news

My voice teaching colleague Peter and I have been working together with Anne, a 12 year old singer who will be auditioning for her school's musical in a couple of weeks. When Anne's mentor, my friend Laura, approached me about giving Anne lessons in exchange for something to be determined, I offered to teach her pro bono and asked Peter if he'd be interested in working with me, since he's so well versed in musical theater. He was as excited as I was at the prospect.

Anne is a very bright girl, a talented singer and has caught on so quickly to the techniques we've taught her. She's a joy to work with. Today she told us she was chosen as one of two soloists for their choir concert, which takes place the day after her audition for the musical. I want to be there for both! but probably won't be able to. I'm confident she'll be chosen for one of the roles she'll audition for.

It's very different teaching someone so young, as most of my students are of my generation. There's a freshness, a "clean slate" that is exciting. And her excitement shows -- she tells Laura after the lessons that she feels so good and that she always does something she didn't think she could do. Our reward is seeing her succeed!

In my own news: I finally heard last night that my teacher training final assessment has been evaluated and I passed with flying colors! So I am OFFICIALLY a Transformational Voice Teacher now. I've been 'acting as if' for a long time, but this is the final stamp of approval. I know, I've blipped a number of milestones regarding this - the end of classes, the completion of my assessment, graduation, celebrations - it isn't quite as linear as a traditional institution. But now it is a done deal! Woooo hoooo!

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