By WhatTheJules


There is a new tool in my health arsenal. It's been sitting unconfigured on my dining room table for a week. It's been glaring at me. I think it hissed at me a few times. A feral scale is a danger in any home.

You are looking at this thing and thinking, "unconfigured? It looks like a bathroom scale, what's the big deal?"

This is the Withings Scale. It connects to my phone via Bluetooth or WiFi. It also connects to my new doctors office. Lastly, it has a direct connection to my ego.

I see my new doctor this week. I know that my sedentary lifestyle, mostly due to agoraphobia, and in a small way due to my family's request that I gain a few lbs. had gone slightly awry, but... Well FUCK. (Sorry.)

So, walking, eating better, more water.

Small TMI warning....

I do know that some of my meds have caused this, and I am at a certain time in the lunar cycle. That aside, I have work to do. I am guessing that in a week things will look a little better.

TMI over

I am particularly sensitive to my weight because I weighed 306 lbs at one time. I had RNY Gastric Bypass and got down to an alarming 120. Even at 130 I was told, "you look like a corpse."

I have gone a tad overboard. The good news is that I look, as the OB/GYN always put on my chart, even at 120 "a well nourished 4x year old female..." That always made me laugh. It was standard office lingo there.

So, this fancy scale will send messages, at the time of my choosing to my doctor. I have a concierge doctor, (sounds fancy eh?) her office has a nutritionist on staff. I think I'll visit her on Wednesday too... Odensday... Dear Oden, I pray for wisdom.

Perhaps my ancestors gods can help me with this one? He traded an eye for wisdom, I'll trade some fat for something.

Anyone up for a trade?

PS Never tag "feet" in any social media venue, just sayin'

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