You Can't See Me!

A cicada hiding after I had stalked it. It dived into the foliage and remained perfectly still. The fantastic colour made it easy to track.  I wish that I had taken more notice of the noise it might have made because I think it may be a clock cicada, so called for the ticking sound it makes. Worth a look in large.

Another trip to Porters Pass today. The sky was blue and cloudless, the sun was hot, but a gentle breeze kept it pleasant. I climbed 60 or so metres up the slope above the top of the Pass. It was rather tricky on the steep slope of loose rock, but I had my walking stick

Although I took a lot of shots of plants, it was the fauna that took my attention. I saw cicadas, grasshoppers, spiders, wasps, hover flies, copper butterflies and little blue butterflies etc. There was a surprising variety. Some with brilliant colours and many with drab or dark colours.

In extras are shots of native orbweb spiders, different coloured grasshoppers, and a three-lined hoverfly on white gentian flowers.

A collection of them is here, along with another moon shot. I was thrilled with the response to my moonset shot last night, after I changed my blip.

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