The Girls

These are not the Hazyland Boys… they are all girls! The Hazyland Girls ;-)

Guinea Pigs are not difficult pets to keep, but unlike most animals (but similar to humans), guinea pigs can't manufacture vitamin C on their own and must have supplemental vitamin C in their diet.
To be sure they get enough vitamin C, I feed them veggies and fruits, which contains a lot of Vitamin C and I also buy special guinea pig pellets that have extra vitamin C added. I can’t get this kind of Guinea Pig food locally, so I order it online from bigger pet stores. It is not expensive (same price as the Guinea Pig food I can get in supermarkets) and it is so easy that it is delivered to the door.

This is (from left) Snack, Brunch, Tea and Scones posing in front of the 9 kilos of food that had arrived, when I came home from work today. It should be enough to keep them happy and healthy for about 6 mth.

It has been a hectic day at work. One of the resident hurt her lip and it was bleeding madly. In the end we had to get her to the emergency room as it wouldn’t stop. The poor lady that had hurt her lip was very cool about it and seemed to enjoy the adventure :-).

See you tomorrow!
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys (and Girls)

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