Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Pick me Up

I have had a pretty rotten day today but not saying anything more than that. So bad, I did not take a single shot - which posed a slight problem later on when I came to blip... so... here you have - 12 images chosen for our 2013 calendar which do make me smile!! It is roughly half and half (6 of my photos, 6 of G's). It goes clockwise; top to bottom and my favourites are January (the last time I was in Cyprus) and September (Clandon Station). G would probably say February and December!

Hope you've had a good day. A mostly overcast day here and the patch of land where I park my car was like a swamp because of yesterday's rain, which meant there was lots of mud on the carpet in the office.

Tried to do one for this year, but it didn't quite happen... 12 new pictures chosen and nowhere to go show them off! :)

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