By SilverImages

Tools of the Trade

Forecast for the day, well the morning, is sunny! The plan is to get the report on tenders done and then get out for a walk to get my photo for the day. By the time I finish the report it's lunchtime [well, 2pm anyway] and the sunshine and blue skies have disappeared. Note to self, in future just get out in the sunshine first!

Spent the afternoon sorting out some more "Treasurer" information, payments and research into my new role so I'll be as prepared as possible when I go to Brum for the weekend course.

Caught up on some Radio downloads at the same time. Two really interesting series - "Undone" and "Minds Eye" [about a psychotherapist]. Wonderful entertainment and fascinating ideas, catch them if you can, but they're only on for few more days.

By evening I realise I haven't taken any photos today. Resist the temptation to cheat and just get my backside into gear. I've been playing around installing the graphics tablet today, so it seemed like a good subject for the photo. The memory stick was given to me on the weekend, with loads of files and information about the Treasurer role, so that gets included too. By 9pm I'm ready to switch off and vegetate in front of "Death in Paradise". K and I debate how it was done and who did it and why - obviously watching too many of these as we're spot on again. Touch of Art repeating Life too as there was a reference to goat hairs on a cosmetics brush as the "murder weapon", something we knew about at Christmas when K2 mentioned she thought she'd had a mild allergic reaction to the goat hairs in her new cosmetics brush. Well, we live and learn.

Close down meditation for the night and asleep by 11pm, zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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