By TynvdB

No sunset for today

Transfering my new Carlsheaven-experiences into early walking & climbing in the dunes and then down to the seaside, that’s how the day started here. Drizzle, darkness, wind.. But I did find new adventurous footpaths and high views over the sea behind the last dunes. And for a change I stayed a while near the Three Trees at the Source of the old Hague Brook, bringing them the Greeting of the Little Friedensthal Brook in the Solling-Forest.

At the beach then it was too dark and cloudy to make a decent picture. I did my morning-excercise at the surfline, which gives a liberating new feeling. After doing some shopping on the neighbourhood market, I took my bike to the northern part of the city.

There I had a very pleasant lunchmeeting with befriended colleagues from the time we all worked in the same unit in the Ministry of Environment. We had too much to ask and tell. And, since some of us hadn’t seen each other for years, we wanted to know why and how that former environmental policy-organisation had vanished into almost nothing..

Again in the afternoon I returned to the seaside and, what a relief..this last time with a bit more success, I hope. No spectacular sunset, because the golden globe sank away in a thick layer of clouds..As I took my picture the bright light was already and definitely fading...

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