wander, stumble, wonder

By imo_weg

Not the problem

Tomorrow I'm moving into a new house that doesn't involve international flights to drop in on my parents! It's the first time I've not had to pack all my possessions down to 23kg, so the first time I get to make decisions along the lines of 'I get to keep this?' It also means I don't have any immediate travel plans to save up for, which is quite sad, but there are other exciting things happening and I'll always have a travel find saving so it's not really that bad.

My clothes, however, aren't the issue. It's everything else that has to find a new spot in a new room in a new house. We're having a reading room, so my books can all come with me. Actually, books and clothes, they're my main concerns. All sorted then!

I'll be literally just down the hill from my parents, so I'm cutting out the middle man with packing and just going cupboard-car-house, not too many pre-packed things here ;)

This is moving out properly, not like the other times when I've just been in another country. I've lived in this house my whole life, in a bedroom built just for me. Of course I'll be back, for pet therapy if nothing else, but it's still odd. I've gone and come back so many times there's an odd mixture of nostalgia and acceptance about it.

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