Adam, Longstones Field

I did a bit of a tour on Sunday afternoon, on my mission to buy supplies in Marlborough. I mentioned in the previous day's blip that I had gone out without a card in the camera (again), so here is this day's version of the picture I would most likely have blipped, although it would have been bleaker and greyer, taken in Blackland with the Lansdowne Monument on the horizon on the downs at Cherhill.

Thousands of tourists turn up every day to view the stone circles at Avebury It is photographed at every angle and strange ceremonies are regularly conducted by their side. Very few people, however, make it to a field only a stone's throw away, where two more stones that form part of the same ceremonial site are to be seen. I have blipped them before so won't repeat myself, but in this blip Eve can be seen in the distance behind Adam.

The landscape between there and Marlborough is quite dramatic at present. The River Kennet regularly dries up completely in the summer months, but is currently not only flowing fast and high but has spilled over into the adjacent fields that now have standing flood water in profusion. I took pictures illustrating this in Manton Down on the way in and at West Overton on the way back.

I also pulled up some grass to feed to the two horses that came ambling over to the stone wall in the village that I had parked opposite.


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Beside The Kennet At Manton Down
River Kennet At West Overton
West Overton House #1
West Overton House #2

A Drive With A Visit To Longstones Field, 2 February 2014 (Flickr set)

Lens: Pentax 17-70 mm

Avebury series
Longstones series
Bleeding Obvious Wiltshire series

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