Lacock Abbey NT (Monday 2nd February 2015)

I went along to Lacock Abbey NT to see the outdoor Frozen World sculpture exhibition, and as I arrived before they had opened I first wandered along the dog-walkers' path outside the grounds down to the River Avon. I got shots of most of the exhibits, some of which looked good in the overcast dull light, whilst others required a bit of absent sunlight to really work. I've linked to an album of the exhibition below, but have chosen for my blip a view of the scene beside the frozen pond in the grounds instead, taken as I walked among last year's leaves, a song thrush, snowdrops, aconites, primroses and crocuses.

As usual, I walked along the path to the rockworks at Bide Brook hoping to see the Abbess, and was rewarded by seeing her. She takes her hostess duties very seriously and was busy running from guest to guest but I managed to get a handful of shots, of which this is one.

11.2.2015 (1823 hr)

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A Visit To Lacock Abbey NT, 2 February 2015 (Flickr album)
Frozen World At Lacock Abbey, 2 February 2015 (Flickr album)

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Frost - Half-Whole (2002)
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