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Old Dunoon

I walk past this bit of Dunoon every time I go to the Health Food shop, through it if I head for the bathtub ferry or the bus to Glasgow. When my children were small I passed this crossroads on the way to their school, in its turn one of the old buildings in the town and just off-shot to the right. And yet I don't think I've ever taken a photo of it, because you don't tend to shove a camera in your pocket when you're shopping or rushing for the bell at 9am. But that was then. Now I always have my phone with me, and today I stopped to look.

The square towner is that of the High Kirk, the old Parish Church now known, as a result of amalgamation, as Dunoon Old and St Cuthbert's. To me, it's better-looking on the outside, but as a Pisky I would say that. To the left of it is the old Glasgow Hotel, now running as a restaurant. When I came to Dunoon, the corner cafe was our doctor's surgery, and patients sat round inside the window waiting to be summoned.

I love the higgledy-piggledy nature of the buildings in the centre of town - though admittedly these ones are more ordered than some in the neighbourhood. And on this sunny morning, I thought it all looked rather pleasing.

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