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We drove home from our trip up north today. The traffic was dire almost all the way home. The water on the road and dreadful road signage round Oldham/Manchester didn't help either. We did however make it without incident or an enforced stop - though there were plenty of sections on the various motorways when we were going no faster than I can manage on my road bike!

As we went past Newbury we popped into Waitrose to get some bits and bobs we can't can't get in Basingstoke. We even nipped into John Lewis to buy a DAB radio but they didn't have the one I wanted in stock so we left empty handed.

Today's (back) blip is the close up on the fastener on the pair of German trousers I bought from Boundary Mill Stores when we were up north. They didn't have my size in this colour, but they just need shortening a bit and they will be okay. They aren't cheap even on sale, but they are a lot cheaper than buying them from a department store and they are drastically better quality than the tat made in China/India that M&S sell.

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