Renewal and regeneration

You would think taking an extended weekend would make you refreshed and renewed? In fact what happens is that everything that is going to break at work waits until you are away then it breaks leaving a veritable excrement storm behind and lots of things to fix when you get back. Today was utter chaos, our latest bank interface was all mucked up because though we built a decent process the business hired better idiots who managed to break things in ways a normal person wouldn't expect. It's all fixable but it's a lot of wasted effort and we don't have that kind of time and money to spare - there are better and more important things to do instead...

After work I did some more thermal imaging - we found three more houses that wanted doing so I'm doing two this week and the final-final one for this year next week.

After the thermal imaging I just had enough time to blip this stamp before bed. It's quite old - you can see it's for a 20.5p and it's a long time since the half-penny was in use in the UK...

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