Seside fun

Another long and frustrating day at work. The people I work with are very good, hard working people, but that's not enough to deal with the rest of the world which seems to be full of idiots. I'm sure that world can't be full of that many idiots but I seem to be the one that has to work with them... At least my stuff went well and I'm proud of the clean interface I've built to another system - even if it will need changing again once we can agree on what we are actually interfacing! Sometimes it's a real pain that something so simple can spiral out of hand and become so complex and late...!

After work I did my second thermal image of the week. Quite interesting house and I learnt a few more naughty tricks that builders can pull. It never amazes me how cheap developers can be, even a seemingly well built and expensive house can have plenty of corners cut.

Tonight's (back) blip is another old stamp - on the same envelope as yesterday's blip. I could do with a nice seaside holiday now - though given the weather in the UK at the moment I think it would need to be a bit further south than I normally go.

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