Little ray of sunshine

Today was much better at work. I completed my stuff - which worked perfectly on the first try. Normally it doesn't and there is no reason why not, so you delete the configuration and redo everything (exactly the same) and this time it works. It's rare that it works first time, so I was very pleased with that. Next week I'll do other stuff which will be a change - on the whole I get plenty of different stuff to do which is nice and prevents boredom or tedium from setting in. On the whole I really enjoy my work and the people I work with - it's just sometimes it is a bit more stressful than it should be.

Friday's are a fraction shorter so I left for home in the brilliant sunshine for the first time in a long while. On the way to the station I took this picture of some snowdrops underneath someone's garden hedge.

No thermal imaging tonight, so we had plenty of time to watch an episode of Inspector Montalbano that I downloaded from iPlayer last year but hadn't got round to watching yet...

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