Busy and productive day today. In the morning we collected three old doors that someone in the village was discarding, they are an unusually style and if we can use them it will save us a lot of having bespoke doors made. Our house has five horizontal panel doors of the Moderne style, which were quite specific to the 1930s and haven't proved popular since. Some idiot ripped most of ours out and put in very cheap & nasty, horrible looking six panel Victorian which are utterly out of character and none of them are even vaguely square.

In the afternoon I started on my thermal imaging report. I wanted to add extra detail from this year's survey plus more government facts and figures. Today's blip is a stack of reading I drawing from. Sadly the 2002 British standards are far inferior to the Swedish standards of the 1980s and the German Passive standard of the 1990s.

Tonight's foreign detective is Flemish, hope it's as good as the Scandinavian ones.

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