Personal Catches of Eye

By Shorty


My poor Co Pilot.

Following Mondays Super Nova and Tuesdays Shooting Stars my moody companion here in the Space Capsule was lucky for once to see his own special rare sighting from the window on his side of the spaceship.

However he was devastated that the only picture he manage to capture of the strange, spooky, glowing gas, exo planet OGLE-TR-56b was partially obscured.

My toothbrush, drifting through space alongside our lonely capsule since my Co Pilots fit of rage yesterday has soiled his near perfect photo of this rare planet. We will never pass so close by it again on our long journey, his once in a lifetime photo, ruined.

My efforts to console my Co Pilot are not working. He now even refuses my peace offerings of chewy toffees which I smuggled on board.

Stay tuned for further episodes...

This is Episode Three in the supernova series. To find other episodes use search for "xsupernova"

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