Personal Catches of Eye

By Shorty

Digital Football.

I looked for ways to distract our selves from the previous days tensions.

I used the on-board computers state-of-the-art mind distraction and relaxation program which sets up a realistic football game scenario for us to take part in.

This was the latest computer wizardry when we left home, but that was a very long time ago. The boffins who made this for us had big ambitions of having such computer powered distractions in every home for families to enjoy together, to entertain and educate. Can't quite see happening myself.

The game did help to simmer down my Co-Pilot following the insanity within the capsule since the Super Nova, however that's because I was playing on the left side of the computer output display.

That's right, I let him win!

This is part 4 in a series, to find all the episodes, do a search for "xsupernova"!

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