Personal Catches of Eye

By Shorty

Fuel Tank.

Not through necessity, but more through boredom and need of exercise, I crawled through the capsule to the engine bay to check the fuel reservoirs.

The needle shows they are in that strange mid area between half empty and worryingly nearly empty. One quarter full I guess they call it.

Takes ages to get to this state, then seems to drop much quicker when you start watching it and worrying about it.

That reminds me, I must re-read the Mission Manual to see what happens when we're in the red...

For those following my Co-Pilot saga, he's in the best mood I've seen him in since the Super Nova. He's spent the day singing old abusive football chants at me following yesterdays victory.

I've let him have his fun, but if he keeps it up I'll have to tell him I let him win again.

This is part 5 in a series. To see all episodes, do a search for "xsupernova"

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