By scribbler

H2O, frozen

Another snow day in the Pearl District.

H is for ... is today's DDW challenge.

Clockwise from top left:
1. William warms his hands on Pearl Bakery French roast coffee. If you look large you can see the snowflakes falling.
2. Mother and daughter waiting for the Portland streetcar.
3. Tiny car used to ferry realty clients around the Pearl condos.
4. Jamison Square fountains, still full of H2O.

Yesterday I took the streetcar downtown.
Today I put on a pair of Gore-tex boots and walked and walked.
So much fun! It snowed all day. More H2O of the frozen kind tomorrow.



Lately I seem to be partial to collages, especially square shots in a 2x2 collage.
earthdreamer said he prefers single shots to collages.
What do you think about collages?

What do you think makes for a successful collage?

If you prefer a single photo, which of these would you choose?

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