By annemckay568

Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Have to say I love travelling.....meeting new people.
my greatest love whenever I've travelled is visiting villages hidden away from all the mad modern world.
I took this photo nearly 20 yrs ago down in a village on the outskirts of Manado.
Manado is said to have the most beautiful women in the world.Have to say that the person who wrote this certainly had a point. The people, not only the women were elegant....I'm small, but took a large size of clothing there.
Anyway, back to this photo......
The picture shows two boys. They had been searching through rubbish in a stinky mud- filled ditch for old cans. The cans... they would then, get money for. I suppose so they could eat.
I think of the beauty of those boys and what, or where, they are now.
I'll remember them looking at me and being excited about getting the picture taken. I hope that their lives are good ones now.

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