Black Beans and Zucchini

I love the earthy flavours and textures of Mexican dishes.
Black beans twere left to soak in a bowl this morning in preparation for tonight's meal.

The spices are ground corriander, paprika, and cumin. These are added to sautéd onions, before the black beans and home made bottled roma tomatoes are brought together in a heavy pan, and allowed to reduce.

The zucchini dish is simply cooked with toasted whole mustard seeds, turmeric and aeosfotida. The cubed vegetable flesh was just cooked through.

This was our first vegan meal.
Dylan enjoyed the beans, and Bella only ate avocado which I served as a side.

Next time, I would cook the beans for longer, perhaps in a slow cooker, and use a vegetable stock to intensify the flavours.

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