Not had much (any?) so far this year, the Ochil Hills doing their best to keep it off us down here in the Forth Valley. Plenty evidence of it over in the west though, on the mountains over in the Trossachs and beyond, and we've just had a five minute flurry that's left everything looking in need of some Head & Shoulders treatment. Big flakes and everything, big enough to drag Euan off his PS4 to run downstairs and declare the obvious.

Felt cold enough for snow standing our here shooting panoramas over the town this afternoon though, a proper bite in the wind whilst my frosty fingers fiddled with the the camera in manual everything mode. Didn't hang around to admire the view too long even though it was changing every few minutes.

Big and Blustery

And, for anyone wanting a proper pixel peek - Bigger and Blustier

Legacy lens - 1975 Vivitar 35-105mm 3.5 FD - 35mm at f/11 - manual focus and exposure - 3 images stitched to create panorama.

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