By Nikael

This is my life!

Snufkin tries to teach us to be alone but happy, independent. We try to be whole with our holes but still ourselves. We want just a gentle touch but we try to bite the bullet and just fight like the rest. We want to know because others know to, but we can't know and we feel like shit about it. We are so afraid of loosing it, screwing up… We try try and try, but why?

Fuck it! This is my life! If another person does something, it doesn't have to be you doing the same things. We tend to compare ourselves to others because that is the way our society works. It can be a good thing and we can learn a lot, but it isn't always the best way of living your own life. How in the world can you live your own life if you are comparing your own doings to others doings? If your friend doesn't manage to stay married and treats his wife badly, you don't have to fear of you doing the same mistakes. If your friend gets a house and manages to get her dream job, you don't have to feel bad about your own life. It is your life! You are not your friend! You are not doing the same mistakes because others do, and your life is not ruined if you don't succeed like others. You are the constructor of your own life and no one but your self can crush it or make it bloom. Why should you let go of your own dreams because some others have not been able to follow theirs…?

Why is it so hard to see, that the statistics do not tell you how your life is going to be. With your own choices and decisions you make everything possible. You have to tell to yourself: "This is something I will manage! This is something I will succeed at! This decision have I made and I will get to the goal!"

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