By McZoo

Winter Weather on the Rise

Traveling wasn't bad today, but it is supposed to be this evening into tomorrow. Not looking forward to that, for me or the hubby.

He of course took his time getting home from the Hill Country. The result was he slid all over the back roads coming home. (He says the last 12 miles or so.) Terrifying for me. Luckily he saved this little gem of information for the morning of the 11th, after (spoiler alert) he decided not to go into work.

This photograph was taken from the 6th floor employee break room of the clinic I'm working in on campus. It's the highest floor in the building. If you squint in the far left you can see downtown and in the far right some museums and the Will Rogers Center where the stock show and rodeo with its carnival is. If it were a nice clear day you wouldn't have to squint. I love the location of my medical school. Being in the middle of the cultural district makes for wonderful exploration. Exploration that I promise myself I'll do more of for this last year and a half. Already have a date set with mom to explore all the museums.

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