By Liangge

Valentine's aubergine

Hardly believe today's weather got so bad - strong gales all day and one of my two double-bone umbrellas was damaged fiercely - well, that's an indication that I need to give away a lot of things before I make a move. But I'm sorry that my this umbrella didn't survive. The other day I met a friend on streets who took photos of broken umbrellas and introduced Blip to him. Maybe broken umbrella will be a future theme of this planet soon?

OK, I guess that today there must be many photos on the Valentine's Day theme, full of chocolates, roses and wines, etc. But today is also Chinese Lantern Festival, but I didn't see any special Chinese in the town. So back home, I cooked something simple and Chinese - steamed aubergine with light soy sauce and shredded ginger and garlic. About 15 minutes and it was ready, with very inviting smell and the aubergine tasted really soft and tender. Fantastic (and super simple) cooking! Slightly decorated with celery leaves.

In purple and ivory, you will feel romance in every taste.

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