Whizzing auto-rickshaws

Just a quick shot on a cloudy Monday morning. Another long day ahead at work, I'm sure.

Here's an extract from an article in The Times of India last week which, though fairly obvious is rather relevant in circumstances where compliance is given sufficient importance, so much so that there's an underlying doctrine - in case of a conflict between compliance and honesty the former is to be chosen. In fact it is an unintented by-product, by virtue of which the subconscious often creates a veil between our eyes and the truth.


Much less easy to notice are the near enemies, as they cunningly masquerade as a spiritual quality, being subtle, disguised versions of what we might ordinarily see as pure and wholesome. One thing that makes these distinct from The Four Divine Abodes is that this path is essentially about connecting to the deepest parts of ourselves as well as to other beings. The near enemies end up being about compartmentalisation or separation, and moral arrogance.

The near enemy of loving-kindness is attachment. Attachment may feel like love, but as it grows is revealed as insecure clinging, fear and the desire to control.

The near enemy of compassion is pity; a superior attitude, setting us above or apart from suffering around us, turning it to a kind of unhealthy spectator-sport.

The near enemy of sympathetic joy is comparison, checking whether we have or are more, the same, or less than another. Manifestations range from hypocritical humility to even over-identifying with success of others, especially those near to us.

The near enemy of equanimity is indifference. True equanimity is about balance and acceptance in any situation; indifference is withdrawal and not caring, often numbing us to the need to stand and act for justice.


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