Personal Catches of Eye

By Shorty


My Co-Pilot and I are now entering the next phase of our mission. I'm hoping the computer error from Yesterday won't cause us any more trouble.

We've been drifting on through the emptiness of space trying best to occupy our minds, It's been eventful since the Super Nova but now comes a new challenge.

Out of the window of the capsule we can see the huge, solar flare belching Hypergiant star called LBV 1806-20.

We have to sling shot around it's mass to carry on to our destination, but even at this great distance away from it the Hypergiant poses a considerable threat.

Electromagnetic waves may effect our equipment and intense heat could be too much if we get too close. The material and energy streaming off this Hypergiant will rock our little capsule.

So wish us luck as we strap ourselves in and hope for the best, watching the dials and meters spin like crazy, and the little flashing red lights. Must re-read the Mission Manual to find out what they mean again.

If we make it through to the other side I'll let you see what I can see out of the capsule window again.

Until the otherside....

This is part 7 of a week long series. Do a search for "xsupernova" to find all the episodes. Further episodes may appear at a later date... stay tuned!

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