By PinkRose


We took full advantage of the sunny weather this afternoon and went for a lovely walk on Greenham Common, there were sooo many deep puddles that C was in his element and it's a good thing all three of us had our wellies on.

There were lots of fellow walkers about with their family and dogs with them making the most of a nice day. We were intrigued as ever by the James Bond looking bunkers on one side of the common, dating back to the days when Greenham was used as a base by the US airforce. Apparently they were used to store cruise missiles in them. They don't look to be used for anything anymore but are still fenced off. T suggested they would benefit from a Costa coffee installation in one of them.

Hardened outdoor type my husband, not a couple of miles from the nearest point of civilisation and he's craving take away coffee!!

The dinner is on and smelling lovely :-)

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