One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

New! And exciting!

Delight your seagull this Christmas. Give it an INVISIBLE bungee elastic rope, give it an INVISIBUNGEE! *
Skating is so last year, all the cool gulls rave about the INVISIBUNGEE.
So while the others still waste their time burping rotting mackerel while perched on statues of James Larkin, offer your gull the gift of instant cool! See their skycred soar instantly.
The INVISBUNGEE is made from special reinforced weather-resistant INVISIBLE elastic developed by NASA in the late 60s. The formula has been improved and taken to a new height of sophistication, durability and INVISIBILITY by the INVISBUNGEE team of test engineers.
Each INVISIBUNGEE comes with a 25,000 jumps guarantee and a training video, and is packaged in a super rapid stainless steel gift box.
Get a life, get in with the cool crowd, get that adrenaline rush. Get an INVISIBUNGEE.

* Patent pending

Not suitable for seagulls under the age of 2 months. Minimum lamp post height required. Repetitive use can lead to leg elongation. Not recommended for gulls about to lay eggs.

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