slight overkill

If there wasn't still plenty of life left in the middle chainring I'd have probably moved to a double of some kind rather than persist with a triple when I've been fine using nothing but the middle for over a year, but the whole point of this is to make things better and easier than they were so I found a suitable 28.6mm triple-looking thing in the Bike Station's appropriate drawer to replaced the one I found and brought home on the offchance it would eventually be useful for the sparebike about eight months ago but which turned out to be a wee bit waggly and bent when in place, though at £2 each they're still cheaper than new, are properly bottom-pull and tolerate the 53t big ring I found a few weeks back to replace the moth-eaten alloy ring removed when I shuffled the front mech down a bit on the old frame in order to go up a couple of mm of tyre thickness. This fits where it's supposed to fit to accommodate all three chainrings with plenty of room to spare for both mudguard and tyre, fortunately.

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