By Robbwood1973

Great Gran Ware

Five days ago was the anniversary of the passing of my Great Gran in 1967…

In her 99th year…

I was 17.

So I had the most fortunate opportunity to have known this tough, resilient but gentle lady extremely well.

Beatrice Mary Victoria Gough was born in 1868 and married Harry Ware in 1893.

They raised eight children in those hard pioneering days in the tiny town of Yarck.

The youngest, a feisty, lover of life…

Margaret Emily Eldridge Ware…

was to become my maternal grandmother.

She almost emulated her mother herself, gracing this earth for 97 years.

Today I am still blessed with the presence of my own dear mother who in turn personifies….

All the beautiful qualities of her feminine forebears.

Thus it is most appropriate in my 99th blip….

To honour the memory of my dear Great Gran…

And pay tribute to the indelible mark she and her descendants have made in my life.

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