By Robbwood1973

Red Number Day in Rowan Street

Quite often I walk to and from work.

Takes about 30 minutes.

Half of that is along quite a long thoroughfare that is the main artery that joins the "west end" of town with the CBD.

Both sides are lined with some lovely old homes.

Some with quite beautiful gardens.

After some two years of this ambulatory habit I know each front façade and yard up close and personal.

Except for their numerical status...

As originally allocated in 1848 when the townsite was surveyed by Robert Hovell.

For the curious

Where is this leading?

To the image for my 100th blip!!

Turned out....

Was the house with the most unkempt appearance!!

Totally redeemed by having the number with the most character...

And coloured red....albeit a little faded and chipped.

Not one other house sported a primary colour!!

Thus ends my quest to blip a 100 days in a row!

Am completely in awe of those who with great imagination go way and beyond!

Whether daily or on an intermittent basis.

Finally a sincere thanks to all who have kindly starred, favourited, subscribed or commented on my contributions to this amazing world wide family site.

When time permits I get great enjoyment and inspiration browsing the infinite variety and beautiful images that is blipfoto.

But most importantly....

A wonderful insight into the lives and places of 100's I do not know

I wonder what my next blip will be?

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