By Robbwood1973

Unflinching Patience

An idyllic day in the North East.

Afternoon destination was the historic tourist town of Beechworth.

A beautiful 30 minute drive into the foothills of the Great Dividing Range.

And one of our favourites.

Met up with Ann and Genevieve for a family catch-up.

After two hours of most convivial company over coffees, the girls could not depart before imbibing in some retail therapy.

Beechworth boasts an eclectic mix of shops, ranging from galleries, antiques, old wares, bric-a-brac, local handcrafts through to specialty stores together with its bakeries, breweries, cafes, pubs and excellence in fine dining.

I happily waited on a comfy bench seat, sun on my back and camera in hand taking in the most relaxing street ambience just opposite the door where my women had disappeared.

Right beside me was man's best friend whose master was actually a mistress, who had also disappeared into the above-mentioned portal.

This diminutive little canine sat transfixed, as pictured, on "our" doorway.

No amount of low whistles or cajoling from me, his cohort in waiting, would distract him from his vigil!

When my ladies finally appeared and we bade our goodbyes, Fido was still unmoved.

I left wondering if he was a statue from a bric-a-brac store!

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