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a blessed life

This afternoon I was packing for a short trip that starts tomorrow, editing photos and doing other computer work and doing laundry . . . working around the house and staying out of seasonal traffic! I got antsy though, and got the idea to paddle over to Lucas Boatworks again. I would get some fresh air, sunshine and exercise, plus be able to take a few more pictures. And if I did this, Steven would probably offer to tie the canoe on to Chelsea for the ride home. I could sit in the boat with him and not even have to paddle going home!

I only bring my small point & shoot, waterproof Olympus TG-630 when I go out in the single-man canoe. It is not as good as my Sony DSC-HX100V, but it still gets the job done. I am happier with the photos today then I was the other day - I had not noticed the white balance was tweaked -not in a good way, not having used the camera in a long time.

My surprise today was the flowers you see me holding. Tomorrow is my birthday and Steven was going to sneak them home in the boat and give them to me tomorrow : ) But with me over there & riding home in the boat with him, he had to fess up. I got them early, which was a lot of fun. This bunch is extra unusual and very beautiful, containing many different types of flowers. I am very blessed in more ways than one.

Tomorrow we are traveling about 3 and 1/2 hours to Ft Lauderdale located on the east coast of Florida (we are on the west coast) to see an exhibit of my great uncle, William Glackens . . . .  tomorrow is a special private exhibition preview and reception "celebrating the opening of the first comprehensive survey reuniting more than 100 works of William Glackens for the first time in nearly 50 years!" This exhibition begins at the NSU Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida:  February 23 - June 1, 2014 and will travel to the Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, New York:  July 20 - October 13, 2014 and lastly the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  November 8, 2014 - February 2, 2015. Impressive!

It's important to me because my great uncle was a influential American Impressionist artist. He married my grandfather's sister, they had a daughter, Lenna Glackens (who I am named after) and because there was more than one artist in my family (him, his wife, their daughter Lenna, to name a few) I was always encouraged to be creative and artistic and it has served me so well. I am very blessed!!! I will be turning 57 years old tomorrow and want to make sure I relish and appreciate everything I have, which is a lot. I am so very grateful.

*my first blip about him - important paintings - 1/28/11

my great uncle . . . -blip from last summer

a copy of one of his paintings in my art -a blip of mine from 9/3/11

another blip from 2012 - a painting of his at the local Ringling museum . . . .

A photo of him and a selection of some of his paintings is here. This blip probably contains more than enough information on him for you, but I think you can indulge me, as it's my birthday!!! xo

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