Hiberniae hominis

More tree cutting and clearing this morning until we were knackered and went out for a walk instead. We braved the wind and went round the headland at Sunny Cove.
We saw:
a dead cormorant with white bleached barrel like ribs
a teeny starfish flung high up onto the cliff
boulder strewn grass
a huge array of tangled plastic
a wooden swing toing and froing on a small tree down by the strand
one minute bud of a primrose, peeping hopefully out of the grass
We smelled:
something very bad but could find no evidence
I followed:
this track - surely belonging to the rare species Hiberniae Hominis. Judging by the angle of the print and after careful examination I would say this belonged to a mature male, about 5ft 10in in height, robust and on a hunter gathering expedition, moving at a fairly slow and meandering pace.
A neat segue to this - how amazing that these footprints still exist nearly 6000 years after they were made! Another interesting article here where the individual footprints have revealed so much. Fascinating.
Edit: And how very odd, last year's image was in a similar vein!

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