Wine,Women & Song

By CelloNerd

Crash, Tchaikovsky, Snow, Timber!

This photo of a delicious Breakfast Crepe (filled with egg, ham, Emmenthal Swiss cheese and mushrooms) with a cup of Lentil-Kale soup is balm to my nerves. It was the culmination to a wonderful weekend, surrounded by the people who mean the world to me.

Some of the "highlights" of the past 72 hours included:

a. witnessed, and narrowly evaded a very serious accident on I-5 North
b. successfully performed both Fauré's Elegie (as accompanist) and Bach's Bourée from Cello Suite #3, with dignity intact
c. the above was followed by an excellent, but exhausting 'Mostly Mozart' performance with Bayshore Symphony
d. hair-raising drive home from Bayshore performance as a big snow storm was moving in
e. awakened by car alarm which was set off due to a large snow-laden tree splitting into three directions and collapsing onto the car
f. shoveling snow shoveling snow shoveling snow shoveling snow
g. second Bayshore performance is cancelled due to snow storm
h. fabulous breakfast at Mt. Bakery where the above Breakfast crepe was consumed. This was in celebration of my older son's birthday.
i. flickering power that finally went out but restored quickly

I suspect the tension of having to get onstage and perform the very exposed Bach suite is what wore my nerves down the most. I have successfully avoided solo performance for many years now, but this weekend's respectable showing has helped to bolster my confidence.

On tomorrow's to-do list: fallen (very large) tree removal.

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