Off Centre

By RachelCarter

First day back in the garden!

(Yes. More snowdrops. And I don't even care because I love snowdrops. They are gorgeous and they won't be around much longer)

I can't remember the last time I was out in the garden. I know I hurriedly shoved a few bulbs into the ground in late Autumn but I haven't had a proper day enjoying mud for blooming ages.

I don't see the point in clearing up the garden in winter. I think it's best to let the leaves rot and the ladybirds and bugs hide, and let the birds have the seed heads and just wait until things want to start growing again.

Well things are definitely growing again, so I got back outside today, and made a start. I cleared out the greenhouse, started weeding and tidying up, and moved lots of stuff around. I also got a much needed fix of peace and solitude and birdsong - although there was a pretty noisy tractor cutting hedges nearby.

I got flummoxed, confused and bamboozled by another email about psychological assessment for Asperger's today and spent a lot of time thinking about it. I think the time outside was just what I needed to put everything into perspective.

I put the camera on the ground and hoped for the best for the this shot. I wasn't expecting anything really.

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