How to get ahead in..

Funny the things I find to blip in our house...

Band practise last night was good fun as Conrad who owns the studio appeared and so we had a full lighting system, lasers, smoke machine the lot. I'm sure we sounded better. He also sorted the sound mix out a bit so there was a bit of separation which helped. We still suffer from volume over ability though. Only 5 months until our next gig so we need all the practise we can get!

Early start today as I needed to take my car in to the dealer as it had an annoying light telling me I had no wheels. Clearly I had wheels so it was an error.

Nissan Cambridge have been very good to me in the past couple of years since I bought the Datsun and H's Qashqai so they fiddled about with the car for an hour and sorted the problem out with no charge! I suppose it helps that the sales manager lives in the village and is a very good friend of Pete. While I was waiting I looked at a few cars, amazingly the new Qashqai can park its self, recognise road signs and even has radar! I also looked at a new GTR.... Hmmm ;)

The headshot was a bit of a pain to light, getting shadows and depth seem to have eluded me.

Meeting with the accountants in the morning, I can hardly wait.


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