By Glassman

Godfather of Sugar!

Today I found myself spending my lunch hour in Greenock Cemetery doing grave rubbings on paper(As you do!)
On my way back to the studio after an hour there I stumbled upon the plot of Abram Lyle,the Lyle of the famous sugar dynasty Tate and Lyle.
He was a Greenock man who never forgot his roots ,and shared much of his fortune with the people of Greenock .
The famous Lyle Fountain ,which stands at the centre of Clyde Square was given to the town as a gift and there are many geographical reminders of his legacy -Lyle Hill and Lyle Street being a couple of examples.
Thankfully I had one sheet of paper left and was able to gather a graphite rubbing of the stone which is flanked by other members of the Lyle family.
Tomorrows sandwiches will be consumed at the cemetery again permitting!

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