Micra snip

Another busy day at work. Not helped by leaving home without my train pass, entry card for work or wallet - so I had to run back home and then all the way back to the station in the village!

After helping my better half with her Java/Android class it was time for a blip - I didn't get a nice blossom blip today on my way to/from work.

Tonight's blip is a close up of the business end of a Leatherman Micra tool. I bought my better half one many years ago when we lived in the US. I have a larger job I take camping/walking/biking, as well as a various Victorinox Swiss Army knives*. The micra version is a lot more portable and I decided it would be useful to have one as well - so here is a close up of it.

* I have two because of an accident. When I completed my second degree I was given a Swiss Climber as a leaving gift by my colleagues, I took this to the US and promptly lost it. I bought another one (in black) as a replacement. On the last day in the US I asked my house-mate if he had seen it - on the off chance - and it turned out he had picked it up and thinking it was his put it in his desk drawer not realising his was in the Jeep all along. So I returned from the US with two: my original and a replacement.

I take these gizmos with me when I go camping etc. as they are ever so useful for cutting things, opening things and such. Once in the US the 4-wheel drive on the Jeep failed and with a bit of sticking plaster and the cork-screw of my knife I was able to repair the vacuum line to the system that engages 4-wheel. Very useful that day - otherwise it would have been an awfully long walk to call someone to rescue us!

For extra tale telling merit, as a student again, someone was trying to impress the ladies at a party - and it all went horribly wrong when he tried to open a bottle of wine with his "fake" Swiss Army knife. He screwed the cork-screw into the cork and then gave it a good tug - the cheap metal just stretched and snapped! We all thought it was hilarious - especially has he had been boasting about his "super tool".

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