Swiss engineering

Another long day at work and I figured out a work around for a bug even if it isn't quite the solution I would want in an ideal world. After work I went to see my GP to look at my thumb which isn't at all happy. The good news it that it's probably nothing sinister, the bad news is that there isn't much that can be done about it... Apparently 60% of patients who do nothing have it fix itself all on it's own - of those that have surgery it fails in 40% of all cases - so it doesn't seem to make much difference what they do!

Tonight's blip is a close up of my Victorinox Climber pen knife I was given as a gift when I left University by my friends and colleagues. Sadly I misplaced it for a few years before recovering it just before I left the US to return home (see yesterday).

I've struggled to get rid of the glare and annoying reflection on the red plastic, otherwise it's pretty much as it came off the camera.

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