By WharfedaleBex


I have my sister to thank for this.  She texted me on the way home from the house last night to say that possible Northern Lights sightings in the UK was breaking news.  Driving up to the Cow and Calf, I saw cloud to the north and no glow in the sky. However, a clear sky was forecast.

So, I went home for some breakfast at 10.30pm and a cup of peppermint tea & ventured out again at 11pm.

A green hue in the sky brightened and faded throughout the hour and a half I watched.  It definitely looks better on camera than it did to the eye - the 30 second exposure certainly enhances the lights that were showing.

I met a chap who had driven over from Wilsden to see them.  He was pleased but I think was hoping for the full dancing spectacle like this from Treshnish and was off to Skipton to see if he could find a better vantage point.

Although I was lucky enough for an amazing experience with my family in Norway, this was still special, especially given last time I stayed up at home, I saw not a sausage.

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